Tenorio Volcano National Park

Tenorio Volcano National Park is the most recent natural reserve in Costa Rica and was created in 1995 to conserve the volcano and its surrounding areas. The main attraction next to the volcano itself is the Celeste River, the light blue river known for its intense coloring. Legend has it that the gods rinse the brushes with which they paint the sky in this river. The scientific explanation of the phenomenon is based on an optical effect. The mixture of the water of the rivers Agria (in english acid) and Buena Vista causes the precipitation of alumosilicates due to a chemical reaction with acids, which deposit at the bottom of the river. This results in the reflection of light blue light.

Walking through the Tenorio Volcano National Park, you can visit the impressive waterfall, observe volcanic activity in the form of boiling water and the Teñideros, the place where the river takes its color.

Among the animals you can find in the Tenorio Volcano National Park are pumas, Central American tapirs, Central American agoutis, white-headed capuchins, bare-necked umbrellabird, sunbitterns and various snake species such as the ultimate pitviper, jumping pitviper, coral snakes and the Central American bushmaster.

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