Costa Rica is located in the Ring of Fire, a volcanic belt created by plate tectonics on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean. This explains the 290 volcanic herds in the country, of which five volcanoes are classified as active. These include the volcanoes Arenal, Irazú, Rincon de la Vieja, Turrialba and Poás. The latter showed activity in the form of a volcanic eruption only in April 2017 and a visit to the crater is currently not possible.

The only crater that you can visit today is that of the volcano Irazú in the province of Cartago. The lunar landscape of the Irazú and the panorama from its top are impressive.

Known for its conical form is the imposing volcano Arenal at La Fortuna. During a hike through the national park of the same name, you can observe dried lava rocks at the foot of the volcano.

In Rincón de la Vieja National Park is the volcano of the same name. Its volcanic activity is present there in the form of fumaroles and seething mud. There are also natural hot springs of volcanic origin in the park.

Another volcano is the Tenorio, which is also protected in a national park. There flows the Celeste River, a stream with intense light blue coloring, which gives the waters its name. At a point of the river, you can see water bubbling through the discharge of volcanic gases of high temperatures from small gaps in the ground.

A visit to the various volcanoes should definitely be on your agenda during a trip to Costa Rica!


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