Costa Rica is an exceptional diving paradise and invites to overwhelming dives for both, dive professionals and beginners. The best diving areas are in the Pacific, where the visibility is 39 ft (12 meters) on average and a lot of big fish can be expected.

Isla del Caño biological reserve in the South Pacific, Islas Murciélago, Islas Catalina and Punta Gorda on the coasts of Guanacaste are the best zones for diving in the Pacific. However, no colorful spectacle of corals and tropical fish can be expected, because the formations are mostly of volcanic origin and corals are rare. Nevertheless, each dive is a one-of-a-kind experience and with a little bit of luck and depending on the dive site you can see whale sharks, white tip reef sharks, bull sharks, sting rays, eagle rays, devil rays, dolphins, turtles and large swarms of different species of fish.

There are also some nice dive sites in the Caribbean, such as the Isla Uvita or in Cahuita, where coral reefs and color diversity dominate the ecosystem. Nonetheless, the infrastructure for diving is missing and diving is less attractive on the Caribbean coast.

The absolute diving highlights and the dream of many divers is the diving at Cocos Island. It is located 332 miles (535 km) off the coast in the Pacific Ocean, and with a diving trip on board you can visit both, the underwater world and the attractions on land. Biodiversity is indescribable and the main attraction is undoubtedly the great hammerhead schools.

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