Explore the woods in the mountains or near the coast driving a buggy or a quad and live an experience with some extra fun!

In the quad, which resembles a four-wheel motorcycle, you can go alone or accompanied by one more person, sitting one behind the other. The vehicles are designed to be driven off-road and can drive virtually any type of terrain. In Costa Rica you can find quad tours in almost all destinations, with which you can discover the forests or beaches with lots of fun.

The buggies are a bit larger, equipped with top and side protection bars and can enter up to four people sitting as in a normal car. For families with children buggies are a good option. You also have the option of entering by jungle trails, even by rivers, or enjoy the sea views on a drive along the beach.

Quads and buggies are an ideal type of transportation to explore the area if you want to discover what is in your surroundings, but you do not feel like walking.

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